We are trying to get to the top of the Google rankings for the word "googletestad" Just for fun!

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Google - we are number 25 out of 327,00 queries

MSN - we are number 10 and this page is number 2

Yahoo - we are number 172 (wow!)

We got a link on a very popular site, we'll see how that helps!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

What a difference a fortnight makes

Well, these are the placings this week:

Google 25
Yahoo Nowhere man!
MSN 15

I MUST keep working hard to get higher!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yahoo for Google!

yep, back in the Google index! Pretty cool huh? And guess what? Our googletestad page is right there at number 15... That's made me a happy chappy! Looking forward to creeping up in the Google SERPs once again.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hooray for MSN!

MSN has no problems at all finding and indexing this page and our googletestad page, but what's the problem with Google? After originally doing so well in Google, our page isn't even in the first 1000 results (although this site's index page is at No. 72).

Amazingly this site's index page is at No.4 on MSN and our actual googletestad page is at No. 6! Gotta be happy with that.

As usual, Yahoo is slack and is yet to find this page or the other page!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Out of Google!!

Our page has dropped out of Google! Not really surprised as this is probably an example of the sandbox effect. On MSN our googletestad page is number 6 but this page you are reading is number 5!! This page is also number 79 on Google's search results for the keyword googletestad. Strangely, the page keeps popping in and out of Yahoo's index so it is hard to get a fix on it at the moment.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Zippity Doo Dah

After another week of me not doing much to the googletestad page these are the results:

Google lists it at No. 15

MSN lists it at No. 14

Yahoo hasn't even indexed it yet

There is still a few spam pages between us and the top 5 positions on Google, however with Bigdaddy spam clean up we will definately rank higher.

On MSN there are just a couple of spam results so I will have to work harder to move up there.

I will update the page tomorrow. Wordtracker reports googletestad as the No. 13 most searched keyword in their surge report last week - incredible!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some new links

I have put up a few more links to the googletestad page on various websites. Pagerank for the page is now PR2. There is still a bit of spam ahead of us in the SERPs but we are slowly pushing them out of the way. Ranking on the Bigdaddy SERPs is at #19 today.